September 23rd, 2018



Welcome to our website!

We are happy to give you our best service because this is our priority in serving you.

Through this website, we want to try to give you the informations needed such as about:

  • A brief history of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres (SPC).
  • Saint Paul School Sunter, Jakarta: kindergarten, elementary and junior high.

May you find the informations you are needed.

Introduction Daily Committee

Having done the new school building of Saint Paul, the school committee try to bring the school profiles go public through internet. Hopefully, the site will provide online school needs, communication, service and information.
It is started by this simple web site. We hope, it will be a starting point of being improved online information development and school service as one of the school objectives.

The web needs to be developed. We are more than happy to receive any comments, inputs from you for a better improvement. We have received suggestions and inputs from the guests on try out and we are really appreciate them.

We would be grateful to Jovian Gozali (alumni) who has designed this web as web master and the administrator, Edlyn and Kalvin (alumni) who assisted the administrator, Mr. Gabriel Posenti and Mr. Bonefasius Banterang for digitalizing Saint Paul anthem. We thank you all for those we could not mention one by one for all you have done for this web site. God bless You. Regards from Yayasan Suaka Insan SPC, Unit TK, SD, and SMP.

Jakarta, September 20, 2008
Daily Committee www.santopaulus.sch.id