September 23rd, 2018

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Mars Santo Paulus

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In 1694, Louis Chauvet, a young priest, left Pertuis his town passed by the Beacu area and arrived at Levesville-la-Chenard village the Dioses of Chatres, France. In this village he was assigned as Saint Martin Parish Priest.

In the early days of his work, Father Louis Chauvet found the poverty and the decressed of moral values of the parishioners. This condition impels him to dedicate his whole energy and spirit of his life to do something for his peoples. He realized that he was not able to work by himself. Finally he found three village’s girls who were willing to help his ministry. They helped him in teaching and guiding other girls of this village. They taught reading, writing, knitting, sewing and chatechism so that later on they also were able to help others. The rule that they followed was to live out the love of Christ.

The group of Levesville’s girls were increased in numbers and apostolic which reached to outside of Levesville. Beside teaching, the girls also visited the sick in their houses and took care of them. Their students dan patients called them”The lady of the School.” At the begining, these girls wore dress as the ladies of the village wore, that was grey gown and white cup. Little by little, this goup of girls followed the rules and traditions which followed by the religious orders at that time.

Father Louis Chauvet never thought to built an international congregation. But God’s will is not our will, something which only a mustard seed at the beginning, has grow as a big tree with its branches spread all over the world. Now, the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres presence in five continents. In Asia, we presence in several countries such as: Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

In October 2, 1967 as the request of Monsigneour Wilhelmus Demarteau, MSF., bishop of Banjarmasin, six Philippino Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres (SPC), arrived in Banjarmasin. To these Sisters, Monsigneour entrusted them the management of Suaka Insan Hospital, Nursing School and Clinic in Banjarmasin.

In the year of 1984, the SPC Sisters spreaded their education ministry to Jakarta. We started to build Kindegarten, Elemenatry and Junior High School building in Sunter, North Jakarta. Mr. Mulyadi, the North Jakarta Mayor laid the first stone at January 19th, 1986. Having finished the building of the school, on February 21st, 1987 Mgr. Leo Sukoto, SJ., the Archbishop of Jakarta inaugurated the buildings.

Best Regards,
Unit Coordinator YSI SPC Branch Jakarta,
SR. Anna Maria SPC.


Saint Paul Catholic School with IN OMNIBUS CARITAS slogan, to train, educate and teach the students with supporting facilities as:

  1. School building placed at comfortable area and far from noisy.
  2. Study room with AC.
  3. Computer Laboratory
  4. Science Laboratory
  5. Sports Station
  6. Arts Station
  7. Hall

To create young generation who are intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually educated and also able to follow the changes in Science and Technology.

To educate, teach, and train young generation in order to create an individual who is smart, competent, and well behaved.

Meaning of Logo


Cross means Faith
Anchor means Hope
In Omnibus Caritas means Charity in all things
Red and White Color means Indonesian
Green Color means Youth
Pentagon means Pancasila
Book means Knowledge
17 butir padi dan 8 kapas means 17 Agustus

Mars Santo Paulus

Mars Santo Paulus


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